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Getting the Treatment You Deserve

In expanding his CPA firm to include financial planning, Walter vowed to give his clients the same high level of service and support they had become accustomed to when working with him for tax planning.

“When I referred my clients to other financial advisors, I saw that many clients were returning with plans that didn’t address their goals adequately. The planners weren’t really paying attention to my client’s needs, “Walter says. “That concerned me enough to make it my business to offer reputable financial planning services in my office.”

As an independent Certified Financial Planner™, he is not constrained by a corporation bottom line or impetus to sell this or that product. Walter is able to stand in his client’s shoes and recommend the products and strategies in which he has the most belief in. He can objectively and confidentially service each client.

Call or e-mail Walter today. You’ll be pleased to discover a trustworthy financial planner who truly cares about your results, and has the reputation to prove it.